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We design Ceramic floor & Wall Tiles to meet the world.

A long tradition in the production of porcelain stoneware floors is renewed in the encounter with the research and experimentation of new styles for contemporary living.

Extensive experience and knowhow in the industry, as well as deep and profound knowledge of the material allows Namo Ceramic to develop Ceramic floor tiles of undisputed quality, which goes hand in hand with a strong commitment to research and development. This leads to ever-more innovative and original solutions.

Style & Design

In few years of ceramic tradition we have built a reality made of creativity, intelligence and a spirit of renewal, which today is the heart and engine of a dynamic company, supported by passion, professionalism and human as well as productive skills, typical of everyone those who collaborate with us.

We design Indian Style Ceramic floors to meet a "world in the making", this was and is our way of thinking about an exclusive range of ceramic tiles : with dynamism, originality and competence, through production processes characterized by quality and technological innovation.

Projected towards the future, but aware of our past, we have been able to combine tradition and modernity, utility and beauty, technology and sustainability, thanks to a continuous renewal process, both from a creative and technical point of view, to offer fascinating ceramic solutions and long lasting. The search for expressiveness, reliability and resistance in Ceramic floors and Walls for residential and commercial construction has led us to create ceramic surfaces that combine high technical and aesthetic performances through a modern and contemporary language.

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